It don’t mean a thing… (If it ain’t got that swing…)

The best part about being bipolar is… alright it sucks being bipolar. We all know that.  That said, the advantage of being diagnosed as bipolar is one simple thing:  drugs.  Drugs are what make the world go ’round.  I don’t mean narsty illegal drugs. I’m talking prescription drugs that help balance and control the ups and downs.  Until I got my diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I was diagnosed with one of the “Standard Ds” as I call them.  Clinical, seasonal, moderate, severe, etc. depression.  Every time they tried a new fangled anti-depressant, I’d have a nasty response.  Especially SSRIs.  Turns out, there’s a reason for that.  Apparently anti-depressant meds, especially SSRIs in bipolars can cause an “agitation” response instead of your stereotypical happy-hyper mania.  OR, as I like to call it, Hulk Mode.  Who knew?

Now, not too long ago, someone said that we, (I) shouldn’t go into doctors with the expectation/diagnosis in mind, but to let them make their own assessment, decision and choices based on their evaluation. That’s great.  EXCEPT. Never. In my entire life. Have I ever.  Felt in one piece.  Until now.  I’m not 100% perfect.  I never will be.  But damn if I’m not ahelluva lot better than I was before I started my meds for bipolar disorder and other stuff.

But then again, when your diagnosis is the whole damn alphabet in acronyms…


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