Suicide, the End all to Save all?

“Suicide is selfish.”  “Suicide is the easy way out.”  “Suicide is weak.” “Suicide destroys families.”  “They didn’t think of anyone else.”

Ok.  But did you think of them?

Cancer is a disease.  Heart disease is a disease (duh?). Diabetes is a disease. I can list more diseases, but it’s really not something I’d like to do. I’m sure you can as well.  The point is, while someone dying from any of these diseases sucks, it’s inevitable and not really fully preventable.  You can lessen the chance of dying from these diseases, but you can’t fully stop it.  So why is depression different? WHY is depression held to a different standard?  Suicide is someone dying from the disease.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel abandoned from the suicides of several people I knew. But here’s the kicker… I feel abandoned by people I knew and cared about that died from OTHER diseases. That’s abandonment issues. That’s another flavor of cake on this multi-tiered Wonderland puzzle.

It’s a daily struggle for me not to reach through the computer (or across a table) and strangle someone who tries to compare their little quirks to some of my National Geographics (issues).  These tend to be the same people who, either purposefully, or inadvertently, assume that mental diseases aren’t on par with physical diseases.  Your mom had cancer, so my depression isn’t as deadly as her cancer.  Your dad smokes, so my anxiety doesn’t keep me out of as many bars/restaurants as him.  You have a slight itch on your arm that may have a hive or two.  You take some Benadryl, and scratch it a bit while you wait for it to kick in.  I take some Benadryl and scratch my arm until it actively bleeds well past the point of kicking in.  Then I pick the scab bloody every chance I get, until it finally heals.

So yeah. No. Physical disease is not more important, or deadlier, or more significant than ANY mental disease.  I feel the need to repeat this for no reason other than to beat it into your head.

 Physical disease. Is not. More important. Deadlier. Or more significant. Than ANY. Mental disease.

It’s just different.  Do I think someone killing themselves sucks? Yes. Do I think it’s “taking the easy way out?” Shit no. Getting to that point is making one of the most difficult decisions someone can make. That is the point where the disease wins. The disease kills you. That is when the disease finally kills you. If you can’t understand that, try to think of it this way.  The way that depression works on your emotions, the way your mind thinks and works, it’s almost like a cancer. It eats at you until there is nothing left. You feel that you are nothing.  So suicide is essentially a mental cancer killing you.  Does that work?

Do I think suicides are preventable?  Meh, maybe.  I think in many cases, they’re postpone-able? As for preventable altogether? Sure, if you want to lock someone up, strap them to a bed, and dose them with so much thorazine that they can’t even contain their drool much less spell their own name. Buuuut I wouldn’t recommend it. Cause, cruelty to animals and all that.

And that’s all I have, folks. It’s just how I feel. Does it mean I’m about to go off my rocker and do it? No. It’s just one of those topics in the news lately, hot discussion and stuff. So I figured since it’s been playing over and over in my mind I’d address it.

Also, and this is the most important. My opinions are my own, and do not represent the other bloggers on this site. They may agree or disagree at their own will. We’re each entitled to our own opinions. 


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