Cause it’s always raining in my head…

I know I’m not normal. I’m different. I feel crazy. I know, intellectually, that I’m not broken. I feel broken, though. I feel like I’m going insane, like I’m swimming against the current… And losing.
I know I sound crazy at least some of the time. Okay, most of the time. There are hundreds of things to say that hurt. But I think one of the most painful things that someone can say, is ”you’re crazy.” No shit. I don’t hide it. I don’t hide behind it. But thanks for the reminder. I know most of the time people think they’re being funny, or cute, or maybe they just don’t know what to say, or even don’t realize how cruel it is, but damn.
Last week someone said to me that I was crazy. I said “Duh, I told you that. Why didn’t you believe me? ” And his reply was that he did believe me, but I just keep getting crazier, he didn’t realize just how crazy I was.
I just… Lost all interest in talking to him. No real desire to maintain a friendship.
People just suck. Turn up the music, crank the bass, and ignore the world.


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