Don’t want to let you down, but I am Hell-bound

I don’t even believe in a “Hell,” by the way.  Just throwing that out there.

Things have been going surprisingly well for me lately.  Did you ever notice, that when things are easier, it’s harder to blog?  Okay, maybe it’s just me.

I suppose it’s because my meds are working well, and I’ve been mostly conflict-free as of late.  Though it seems my OCD is being a feisty bitch again.  That said, I didn’t wash my hair today.  That was HARD.  Though easier than it’s been in the past. I don’t feel like I have bugs under my scalp, today.

I had nightmares all last night. Demons in my nightmares, black eyed possession like in the show Supernatural.  Inner Demons. The irony is not lost on me.

I painted my nails to keep from gnawing at them, and even though it’s chipping some, now, I’ve done a pretty alright job of not picking at it and having to redo it.

My hair is growing out from my bad haircut and it is continuously driving me nuts, (HA!) and it makes me want to cut it short again so it can grow out evenly, but I’m not cutting it. I’m determined to not cut it.

My insomnia is about 80/20. Sometimes my medicine helps me sleep, sometimes it doesn’t.  I guess that helps me advance in video games, the not sleeping thing. But then again, when I DO sleep, I often have nightmares, which are probably related to the guilt and overthinking, so sleep is not my friend.

Overall, I’m doing alright. Much better than when I started all of this.  Now to keep writing on GOOD days, too. I’m so bad at that.