Siobhan Gealach

Who am I?  No one important.  That’s generally my first, second, and last response.

My name is Siobhan and I’m not an addict.  Well, no, that’s not entirely true. I am addicted to video games.  I’m an escapist, and that is how I escape from reality.  I make those around me suffer from my bipolar disorder, crippling anxiety, and absurdly difficult OCD.  Of course, the triple threat D(epression) is in there too. Every damn time I see my brain shrinker (therapist) or drug pusher (psychiatrist), they come up with a new diagnosis to potentially throw my way and theorize about.  I love it.  It’s seriously only a matter of time before they combine it all and just diagnose me as having Crazy I, Crazy II, and Crazy III.  Okay fine, we’ll add Crazy IV and Crazy V.

Things I like?  Hot sand, soft fur, the smell of rosemary (not the flavor–ick), and the deep sound of bass throbbing through your body.

Things about me that royally suck, hm this should be fun.  My brain doesn’t shut off. Ever. I do this thing that I like to call festering over things. The technical term is ruminating thoughts, but I prefer festering. Why? Because it genuinely feels like things are rotting inside your brain.  I can’t go in the ocean, or rivers, or lakes. (But I love the smell of the ocean.) I get angry easily, and am an asshole. It’s a defense mechanism. It works great. And it sucks. This list could be too long.

Either way. I’m… me.


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